How To Make A Stunning Hotel Bar? 3 Easy Steps

How do you create a good first impression when a customer walks into your hotel? You pay attention to the little details, like ensuring that the mirrors are polished perfectly and the countertop is clutter-free. These minute things go a long way in creating a positive experience for your guest. Another thing you should pay keen attention to is your hotel’s bar. Bars that are jammed into a corner don’t feel welcoming. Consider getting a portable bar so that you may move it around as needed. Wondering how to do the bars, right? We’ll share some tried and tested makeover tips. Read on! 

3 Things You Get to Do with Your Own Mobile Bar

Mobile bars have quickly become a must-have at parties. They are a center of attraction at events and a great choice for bartenders willing to take their show on the road. Because owning a mobile bar offers you a lot of flexibility and allows you to flex your creative muscles, it is a dream job for many. If you are also planning to start your bartending business, a convention mobile bar can be a great idea. The “bars on wheels” offer you a lot more under the hood than what you might realize. Here is what you can do with your own mobile bar:

How to Store Your Portable Bar

Nowadays, a portable bar is one of the essentials for every event — from weddings to business functions to trade shows and whatnot. With it, you can set the mood for your event and serve your guests with drinks, which is enough to keep them entertained. Besides, you can use it to complement your main bar if you anticipate a large number of guests to your event. Whatever may be the reason for using a portable bar, such as a travel bar backpack, you need to pay attention to its storage when not using it. Let’s see how you should properly store your portable bar:

The Ultimate Travel Bar: Why It Has Gained Ground over the Years

Portable bars aren’t a new concept. Businesses and individuals have long been using them to provide bar services to consumers in trade shows, parties, and many other events. However, the Travel Bar is, in all likelihood, a new concept, which has completely changed the way people think of portable bars. Smaller in size, better in functionality, and appealing in its design, it has all the qualities that you may wish to have in a portable bar for your events. It has impressed businesses and individuals alike to such an extent that it is now rapidly becoming a preferred choice. Let’s see what makes it stand out from the rest:


Of all the portable bars ever designed and built, the Travel Bar backpack is most likely the lightest. Weighing only 50lbs, it is easier to carry and travel from place to place — owing to the lightweight aircraft aluminum used in its built. That’s right, aluminum that is used in aviation for its durability, sturdiness, and lightweight.

Compact design

The Travel Bar backpack comes with an accordion-style, folding aluminum frame with dimensions 41” H x 46.5” L x 25” D, which makes it fully functional despite being portable. What’s more, you can paint the frame white, silver, or black, based on your preference or to reflect your brand tone. 

Ease of storage

Many portable bars are not easy to store and carry, even though they are branded as portable. However, the Travel Bar backpack is probably the only piece on the market that you can easily fold down to only 4”, which means it requires only a little space when it is not in use. 

Appealing design

While the bar in itself has a unique design that draws attention from a distance, you can also take it up a notch by adding optional accessories, such as drop-in ice tubs, interchangeable panels, custom graphics, a five-bottle speed rack, and a protective cover.

For those looking for a portable bar for their events or parties, there’s nothing better than the Travel Bar backpack available at a fraction of the cost. For more information about the product, feel free to contact us today.