Thinking of Having a Home Bar? Here’s a Consideration for You

Having a bar at home feels like magic.

Crave a drink? Just head to your home-turned-into-bar and pour yourself a drink and enjoy it in your familiar home setting, which is an experience unlike any other.

Guests coming over? Take them to your bar and spend quality time while keeping everyone refreshed and comfortable.

What Not To Do For Your Upcoming Business Event Tradeshow?

Indeed the pandemic curtailed our need around tradeshows and in-person business showcases. Organizers and businesses had to shift to virtual means to conduct display, conference meet-ups, and showcase events. However, nothing can replace the personalized experience of physical/ in-person tradeshows. The direct interactions, physical tangible experience of an product/ service, hands-on customer and brand experience are something that a virtual event cannot compensate for. In preparation of your brand showcase for an upcoming event, you must have read multiple articles and done research around the dos. However, this blog will be focussing on the don’ts of event showcase. Quite often, businesses in despair tend to overinvest in commercial bar supplies and equipment, advertisement and giveaway items to attract their audience and make their brand stand out. On the contrary, it spells nothing but confusion leading to repelling your customers away.