What Not To Do For Your Upcoming Business Event Tradeshow?

Indeed the pandemic curtailed our need around tradeshows and in-person business showcases. Organizers and businesses had to shift to virtual means to conduct display, conference meet-ups, and showcase events. However, nothing can replace the personalized experience of physical/ in-person tradeshows. The direct interactions, physical tangible experience of an product/ service, hands-on customer and brand experience are something that a virtual event cannot compensate for. In preparation of your brand showcase for an upcoming event, you must have read multiple articles and done research around the dos. However, this blog will be focussing on the don’ts of event showcase. Quite often, businesses in despair tend to overinvest in commercial bar supplies and equipment, advertisement and giveaway items to attract their audience and make their brand stand out. On the contrary, it spells nothing but confusion leading to repelling your customers away.

Don’t go overboard with supplies and branding

We all want the best for our brand. Hence, we make the choices that can make our brand really stand out from the rest. But, we often make the mistake of choosing too loud colors, too much branded tools and items and bold lettering thinking that it will aid brand recall and customer attraction. One need to strike a balance. Modern customers are smart and they know when a brand is trying too hard.

Don’t go for conventional giveaways

If you are still with the age-old giveaway pattern of pens, paper, t-shirts and branded bags, well you need to change it up. You need to be practical with your giveaways and invest in those items that your customers will actually use and be happy to receive. In the current age of smartphones, people don’t use pens and writing pad anymore. You can give out a free-trial of your service, give free samples and coupons, gift cards, cash points or even household essential items like branded knife sets, limited time free-subscription to your product/ service.

Don’t forget about sustainability

The modern consumers are conscious about the sourcing and material with which their product is composed of. If your product/ service involves ethical manufacturing and processing, environment-friendly practices, make sure you highlight it among your customers. You can even roll-out eco-friendly giveaways such as jute and cloth-based bags, organic food items, mini packs of natural skincare products and more.

Don’t relax around sanitization

Regardless of the event organizing team’s efforts, you need to make sure that your event stand is equipped with all the necessary sanitization essentials and measures. Carry extra gloves, facemasks and mini sanitization bottles for your visiting customers. Make sure you offer them and ask them whether they are in need of one or not. Keep snacks and water bottles as well.

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