A Guide To Deep Cleaning & Maintaining Your Portable Bar

Adding a portable beverage bar to your bar equipment arsenal is a great idea if you are looking to ramp up profits after a particularly challenging 2019. You can literally set one up within seconds and start serving your guests! Moreover, after you’re done, you can pack it up, place it in the trunk of your car and drive to the next event.

Aluminum Vs. Steel Portable Bars: Learning The Major Differences

Modern-day events call for a modern solutions to please guests and keep them entertained. Fortunately, portable bars are an excellent way to satisfy this need. They not only allow guests to enjoy their favorite beverages but also add a touch of distinction to the event, be it a wedding, conference, or as loud as a music concert. It turns out that event managers now have a perfect tool to take their events to the next level instead of spending endless hours setting up static bars.