How to Make the Most Use of Space in a Small Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue is stressful – quite often, the most stressful part of the entire planning process. You will find yourself falling in love with places that either do not fit into your budget or do not fulfill your requirements, including the need for plenty of space for your ceremony and reception.

If you have found your dream wedding venue but are worried about the lack of space, do not lose hope yet. Before you cross it off your list, maybe you need to learn about all that you can do with it to make it work for one of the most important days of your life.

1. Dinner and dancing in two separate rooms

Who says that dinner and dancing need to be in the same room? If your wedding venue has other rooms available, you can make use of them as well. Ask the venue owners in advance. If possible, use the bigger room for the dinner and a smaller one for all the dancing. No one cares about space when on the dance floor.

2. Draw the eyes upwards

Decorating a tight space can be troublesome because it is quite easy to end up with a messy and chaotic look. To avoid that issue, use decorations that draw the eye upwards, such as with ceiling decorations like chandeliers and floral pomanders. Such decorations will jazz up the venue without you having to sacrifice any floor space.

3. Get portable bars

Immobile bars take up a lot of space, which is an issue that can be easily eliminated by getting portable bars. Portable bars provide all the functions and convenience of regular bars without wasting precious room in your venue. You can even move the bar outside to squeeze in another table or two for the dinner.

4. Opt a standing-room-only ceremony

It is not necessary to seat all your guests during your ceremony. You can have a beautiful wedding even with everyone standing around you. It will not only save you space but also make for an intimate setting. However, if you have elderly relatives, do not forget to keep some chairs for them.

Make the most use of the tight space at your wedding venue by getting our portable bars that are not only convenient but also stylish. We also have commercial portable bars for sale that are perfect for bars, hotels, event centers, and other such spaces.

Standing Out from Other Bars Made Easy

There’s a cocktail bar around every corner of the street, so what should you do to make consumers interested in your bar? More and more cocktail bars are opening now and then, making it difficult for owners to benefit from their businesses.

How to set up the perfect open bar party in your backyard

Backyard Bar-b-ques and open bar house parties are unbeatable. From family gatherings to birthday celebrations, your backyard could be the hottest party hub in your social circle. However, arranging an open-sky party comes with its own shortcomings. Unlike the plush living room with the wall-mounted bar display, in a backyard party, you have to reconsider and rearrange your furnishings to make your party plot snug and comfortable for the guests.

If you’re on the brink of completing your upcoming party planning- this article would be a good read for you. Let us tell you how to spruce up the backyard party scene with a portable aluminum bar that steals the spotlight in your party.

Setting up the Party Scene

What’s the first place you head for when you enter a party? Greet the host real quick and then you take a sharp turn for the bar! However, if we are talking about backyard parties, installing a permanent bar may not be the best idea. The solution? A movable bar counter so that your bar can go where the party goes! To begin with, you’ll find multiple portable aluminum bar for sale online. In fact, you can simply tale a pick from some of the options we have right here. LED backlights, compact fold-able counters, ample amount of space for you to cook up that mean margarita- the whole nine yards brought under one single counter.

Matching your open bar to your backyard theme-

Your portable bar, the attraction of the party, should reflect your party mood too. If you’re ready to rock through the night, we suggest some neon event cubes with LED lighting. If you’re looking at a weekend noon get-together, try a wood-paneled back bar with ample space to store your food, drink, and napkins. If you’re looking at a casual gathering, you can give the compact aluminum front bars a try!

Now that you’ve cleared the bar arrangements out of the way, just add the final touches to your backyard party- a snug lawn sofa, some high-stools for the bar, some fairy light decorations for the evening, and the bar-b-que stand of course!