How Bars & Restaurants Can Put Up Partition Without Ruining Customer Experience

Many workplaces are preparing to reopen after a period of stay-at-home restrictions. Unlike offices with cubicles and cabins, restaurants and bars have open spaces where employees and guests are in front of each other, and therefore, are the most vulnerable to health concerns, like catching the coronavirus. If you are planning to reopen your business for customers, you might be looking for solutions to maintain social distance and keep everyone healthy. 

Creating a separation between guests is one of the most effective measures that bars and restaurants can consider to regain the confidence of their old customers and attract new ones. But before putting barriers, owners must have to think whether they are best for their business and customer experience or not. 

3 Tips to Set Up Your Bar’s Outdoor Seating Area for Better Social Distancing

As U.S. cities and states, as well as countries around the world, begin to reopen after the lockdown, we are being faced with a whole new set of restrictions, which include regional and local government guidelines, that are meant to slow down the spread of COVID-19. As a bar or restaurant owner, now you’ll have to foray into a new frontier of safe service with adequate social distancing, and that means an increased dependence on outdoor seating. In fact, in cities like New York, outdoor dining may be the only option for most establishments for the foreseeable future. Although changing the layout of your bar or restaurant may seem like a daunting task, here are some easy ways in which you can do that:

Initiative to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 with Ultimate Shields

The American Lung Association states that coughs and sneezes are one way how our body releases irritants present in the lungs and nose. So, you essentially have a face cannon that is capable of expelling different sorts of germs and bugs! As we return to our day-to-day life post the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic pandemonium, public health experts have emphasized the importance of diligently following preventative measures, like maintaining social distance and taking necessary precautions, like wearing face masks. Like other industries, restaurants and bars are recuperating from the setback to business. Installing sneeze shields and guards at the bars and counters is crucial. We have added Ultimate Shields and Ultimate Guards to our wholesale bar equipment supplies to contribute to everyone’s safety.