Initiative to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 with Ultimate Shields

The American Lung Association states that coughs and sneezes are one way how our body releases irritants present in the lungs and nose. So, you essentially have a face cannon that is capable of expelling different sorts of germs and bugs! As we return to our day-to-day life post the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic pandemonium, public health experts have emphasized the importance of diligently following preventative measures, like maintaining social distance and taking necessary precautions, like wearing face masks. Like other industries, restaurants and bars are recuperating from the setback to business. Installing sneeze shields and guards at the bars and counters is crucial. We have added Ultimate Shields and Ultimate Guards to our wholesale bar equipment supplies to contribute to everyone’s safety.  

Why do we need a shield?

Social distancing is considered the ultimate protection from contracting the virus and containing the COVID-19 outbreak. But some industries find it a little difficult to always ensure to keep people at a distance of six feet or more. Consider the interactions between a grocery cashier and a customer or a bartender and a customer. In such set-ups, it is best to have shields or guards installed to minimize the spread of pathogens. 

When was the sneeze shield used for the first time in the restaurant industry?

The restaurant industry has been using sneeze shields since the 1950s. They were first installed at supper-club salad bars and “all you can eat” buffets back in the 1950s. Today, sneeze and cough guards are being positioned in different types of settings, from bars and restaurants to grocery stores and offices. 

Johnny Garneau owned the American Style Smorgasbord chain of restaurants in Pennsylvania and Ohio was a germaphobe who couldn’t take customers bringing their noses too close to smell the entrees. A patent was filed by him for “Food Service Table.” The invention was installed by him in all his restaurants. It came to be known as sneeze shield. 

Garneau, therefore, contributed significantly to food safety initiatives! The United States Food and Drug Administration regulated the use of food shields in the restaurant industry. The invention has become instrumental in preventing the spread of coronavirus. 

How is Ultimate Bars contributing?

Our Ultimate Guards and Ultimate Shields are portable, clear acrylic shields for bar counters, desks, and other work areas. They ensure physical separation and maintain social distancing. We can customize the shields and guards by adding your brand’s logo or a text that you want. For wholesale bar equipment supplies call us at 714-849-1340.  

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