How Bars & Restaurants Can Put Up Partition Without Ruining Customer Experience

Many workplaces are preparing to reopen after a period of stay-at-home restrictions. Unlike offices with cubicles and cabins, restaurants and bars have open spaces where employees and guests are in front of each other, and therefore, are the most vulnerable to health concerns, like catching the coronavirus. If you are planning to reopen your business for customers, you might be looking for solutions to maintain social distance and keep everyone healthy. 

Creating a separation between guests is one of the most effective measures that bars and restaurants can consider to regain the confidence of their old customers and attract new ones. But before putting barriers, owners must have to think whether they are best for their business and customer experience or not. 

What is the type of seating arrangement in your restaurant or bar?

Social distancing is likely to remain the top priority, even after people start returning to their post-pandemic lifestyle, to keep the impact of coronavirus pandemic low. Restaurant owners who already have built-in booths for seating in their establishments can easily consider adding dividers between the alcoves. However, those who have loose tables and chairs can make changes to the seating arrangement to achieve social distancing restrictions without adding barriers between tables.

How will barriers affect the ambiance of your restaurant or bar?

The answer to this question depends on your business. Do people come to your bar for light conversation and a couple of drinks? If so, the barriers might act as a hindrance. But in a lounge setting, integrating dividers will be no sweat. Depending on whether you want a long or short-term solution, you can have glass panels installed on your tables and counters to provide needed physical separation without disturbing the vibes. 

What will be the best location for barriers in your establishment?

The location of dividers is imperative; not only will it ensure the safety of customers and employees, but maintain the aesthetics of your restaurant or bar as well. Glass panels at bars are an excellent solution to maintain physical distance between the crowd. Freestanding barriers between tables is another great solution to maximize the seat count when space is a bit tight. 

Glass sheets are an ideal solution to maintain a safe distance between patrons and minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as emphasized by Travis Crivaro, the owner of Ultimate Bars, in a recent interview with Issuu, “Dividers/barriers are best used in areas that separate the general public from areas at the bar that could be contaminated with the proximity of the guest.”

Witnessing the ongoing pandemic, Ultimate Bar came up with a smart solution for all. This year, the creators of custom mobile bars expanded their line of products to include portable Ultimate Guard and Ultimate Shield, made of clear acrylic shields, to provide separation at any type of work area, including counters and office desks. 

Being transparent in nature, plexiglass doesn’t disrupt or block views and is easy to install between booths, tables, or over the counters. As the glass shields are easy to customize to any length or height, they are excellent for all types of bars, and especially satellite bars. Crivaro further highlighted, “Satellite bars will be key in promoting social distancing and maximizing liquor sales to help boost the bottom line.”

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to integrate these protective shields and guards without losing the aesthetics of the space and hampering customer service. Get in touch with Ultimate Bars today for Ultimate Shields, Ultimate Guards, Satellite Bars, Travel Bar Service, and more. 


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