A Guide To Deep Cleaning & Maintaining Your Portable Bar

Adding a portable beverage bar to your bar equipment arsenal is a great idea if you are looking to ramp up profits after a particularly challenging 2019. You can literally set one up within seconds and start serving your guests! Moreover, after you’re done, you can pack it up, place it in the trunk of your car and drive to the next event.

If you are expecting a substantial crowd at your bar, an additional beverage bar will go a long way in reducing wait times and make it easier for you to work. However, it is important to give it a deep clean every now and then to make it last. The last thing you need is taking out your portable bar from your storage and noticing that it’s smeared with dust and stains! In this blog, we will take a quick look at how you can keep it sanitary and make the most out of your investment:

Deep Cleaning Tips

In addition to dusting your portable bar counter 2-3 times a month (even when it’s in storage), make sure that you wipe the bar’s exteriors with a soapy solution to get rid of grease build-up every two months. This will restore the shine of your aluminum portable bar. Bear in mind that custom panels with Plexi, wood, or fabric finishes have different cleaning requirements. Discuss with our experts before you proceed!

If cocktails are a regular feature at your portable bar, then food scraps may also get into the nooks and the crannies. Get rid of such debris by wiping the interiors with a soft rag dipped in a solution of soapy water. After you are done with this, inspect the wheels. Check whether the axle nuts are properly in place to avoid wheeling problems in the future.

Your portable bar might be no stranger to scratches and dents if you have served drinks at wild, wild parties! Of course, you can always give the paint a touch up to hide the damage. Thankfully, our bars are made of durable aircraft aluminum which is extremely strong and resilient to impact. Moreover, it does not rust easily. Portable bars are prone to getting damaged during transport. But ours are extremely lightweight so carrying them around isn’t much of a backbreaking problem. Thus, maintenance is taken care of.

Looking for portable bar counters for sale? Look no further than Ultimate Bar’s amazing offerings! Made of aircraft aluminum and complete with interchangeable bar top options and panels, our collection will make bartending easier, more profitable, and enjoyable too! These also come with LED lighting options that are not only waterproof but are also discreetly hidden away so that it does not affect the aesthetics of the bar. For more information, call 714-849-1340 today.

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