The Travel Bar

The Travel Bar is a bar we’ve created after listening to our client’s needs and is the lightest of all our bar models. This model includes an accordion style folding aluminum frame, bar top, interchangeable bar panels, one solid shelf.

Optional accessories include drop-in ice tubs, custom graphics and a six bottle speed rack if needed.

The Travel Bar is perfect for the single user who’s looking for maximum portability and the flexibility to pack it up to fit into any vehicle.

Folding Travel bar

Bar Details:
  • Made of lightweight and durable aircraft aluminum
  • Bar frames can be painted Black, White or Silver
  • Dimensions are 41″H x 46.5″L x 25″D
  • Bar Folds down to mere 4″ wide for transport and storage
  • Weight 50lbs
  • Sets up in under a minute
  • No tools required
Bar Frame Includes:
  • Powder coated aluminum accordion folding frame
  • Powder coated aluminum bar top 
  • 1 acrylic bar top and 4 easy interchangeable white coroplast panels
  • 4 bar levelers
Optional Accessories:
  • Easy interchangeable graphics
  • Custom interchangeable panels (Plexi, Wood, Metal, Fabrics)
  • Drop in ice tub
  • 5 bottle speedrack
  • Protective Cover
  • Industrial high impact protective coating

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