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Ultimate Bars is a leading online retailer of portable bars and other equipment. We offer a range of high-quality portable bars that are both stylish and functional. Our years of experience in design and manufacturing, coupled with your feedback, have helped us provide our customers with the most-premium quality products at the best prices. Our bars, including the portable travel bar, boast of great craftsmanship and attention to details.

Our Folding Travel Bar Is Made For Functionality And Convenience

At Ultimate Bars, our goal is to provide our customers with products that meet their needs and specifications. The Travel Bar was designed keeping exactly that in mind. At 50 lbs, it is the lightest of our entire bar models. Like our other bars, it is also made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, which also lends the product its durability. This model comes with a accordion-style folding aluminum frame which can be painted black, white or silver. Its dimensions are 41”H x 46.5”L x 25”D, which means that it does not compromise on functionality for the sake of portability. You can also easily fold it down to only 4”, making this bar perfect for the single user who is looking for maximum portability and the flexibility to transport or store it easily. Its design also allows you to effortlessly set it up in under a minute without using any special tools.

The bar also comes with an assortment of optional accessories such as drop-in ice tubs, interchangeable panels, custom graphics, a five-bottle speed rack and a protective cover.

Enjoy Travel Bar Service With Ultimate Bars

The compact design of our Travel Bar allows its user to conveniently travel around with it, thus providing a seamless experience. At Ultimate Bars, we strive to offer products that are not just good-quality, but also economical, functional and highly durable.

We are constantly working to improve the quality of our products and services in an effort to offer you the best portable bar experience. We take a lot of pride in our ability to be able to answer all your queries as soon as possible. So if you have any concerns about purchasing our Travel Bar in CA, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you out.

Folding Travel bar

Bar Details:
  • Made of lightweight and durable aircraft aluminum
  • Bar frames can be painted Black, White or Silver
  • Dimensions are 41″H x 46.5″L x 25″D
  • Bar Folds down to mere 4″ wide for transport and storage
  • Weight 50lbs
  • Sets up in under a minute
  • No tools required
Bar Frame Includes:
  • Powder coated aluminum accordion folding frame
  • Powder coated aluminum bar top 
  • 1 acrylic bar top and 4 easy interchangeable white coroplast panels
  • 4 bar levelers
Optional Accessories:
  • Easy interchangeable graphics
  • Custom interchangeable panels (Plexi, Wood, Metal, Fabrics)
  • Drop in ice tub
  • 5 bottle speedrack
  • Protective Cover
  • Industrial high impact protective coating

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