3 Things You Get to Do with Your Own Mobile Bar

Mobile bars have quickly become a must-have at parties. They are a center of attraction at events and a great choice for bartenders willing to take their show on the road. Because owning a mobile bar offers you a lot of flexibility and allows you to flex your creative muscles, it is a dream job for many. If you are also planning to start your bartending business, a convention mobile bar can be a great idea. The “bars on wheels” offer you a lot more under the hood than what you might realize. Here is what you can do with your own mobile bar:

  • Go Anywhere – The biggest advantage of having a mobile bar is you can take it just anywhere. It is not tied down to a specific draft system or spirit lineup. You can easily set up or disassemble your bar in a time-effective fashion. Whether it’s a corporate event or a private party, you are always on a roll.
  • Serve a wider variety of drinks – As compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar bar, a convention mobile bar allows you to serve a wider variety of drinks—and to a wider audience too. This is because your work is not limited. It can range anywhere from a lavish wedding, to a birthday party, to a corporate event. Produce unique cocktails for different occasions and provide a more custom guest experience.
  • Be your own boss – With a mobile bar, you often wear all of the hats. You yourself are the bartender, owner, promoter, as well as procurement manager. Obviously, it is way more fun than being just an employee in a bar and report to your boss every day. You are your own boss and have full control over your business. 

While the concept of mobile bartending is not new, the market is far from being saturated. Start with your own mobile bar today and take advantage of this rapidly-going business trend.

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