How to Store Your Portable Bar

Nowadays, a portable bar is one of the essentials for every event — from weddings to business functions to trade shows and whatnot. With it, you can set the mood for your event and serve your guests with drinks, which is enough to keep them entertained. Besides, you can use it to complement your main bar if you anticipate a large number of guests to your event. Whatever may be the reason for using a portable bar, such as a travel bar backpack, you need to pay attention to its storage when not using it. Let’s see how you should properly store your portable bar:

Clean it properly

After the event is over, food and drink residue left on the bar can make it unsanitary. This is why it’s vital to clean it thoroughly after every event and before packing it. Make sure to clean the bar surface using a cleaning agent, which should not be harsh enough to damage the paint. Once cleaned, dry it before storing it.

Pack carefully

Most people pack their bars hurriedly once the event is over. That often causes damage to the bar, be it a travel bar backpack or mobile bar. This is what you need to avoid and pack it as directed in the manufacturer’s manual. Doing so will not only keep the bar safe, but will also extend its lifespan. 

Pack the bar in its case

Portable bars generally have a case to store all the components safely and properly. Since you will be transporting your bar time and again, it’s important to keep all the bar components in its case. If you have a travel bar, make sure to pack it in a travel bar backpack.  

If you are looking for more information on portable bar maintenance or want to buy a travel bar backpack, get in touch with us today. 

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