How To Make A Stunning Hotel Bar? 3 Easy Steps

How do you create a good first impression when a customer walks into your hotel? You pay attention to the little details, like ensuring that the mirrors are polished perfectly and the countertop is clutter-free. These minute things go a long way in creating a positive experience for your guest. Another thing you should pay keen attention to is your hotel’s bar. Bars that are jammed into a corner don’t feel welcoming. Consider getting a portable bar so that you may move it around as needed. Wondering how to do the bars, right? We’ll share some tried and tested makeover tips. Read on! 

  1. Create a flow using the space that you have- You need to ensure that your guests can easily walk up to the bar and enjoy a few drinks. This is where the strategic placement of your bar comes into play. First things first! Map out the flow through the room using a floor planner. See to it that it is spacious enough to carry luggage around without losing the flow. You don’t want your guests to feel lost. Nor do you want to make them anxious by pointing them to a cramped bar. If you aren’t going with a permanent floorplan, we recommend a bar that is easy to move around for different setups. Invest in our premium quality portable bars!
  2. Add a flair of style and class to the room with your bar- Your bar should enhance the elegance and beauty of your hotel. We aren’t just talking about a neat and tidy space. Style quotient is equally important. Think before choosing the color and texture of your bar. You want your portable bar to complement the surroundings. Proper lighting is another crucial factor that you need to take into account. Don’t forget to complete the look of your bar with nice bar stools. After all, little additions make big difference. If your guests feel like James Bond while sipping their Martinis, you have done excellent work! 
  3. Create a functional space- While making your bar space stylish and eye-catching, don’t let functionality take a back seat. You want a practical hotel bar. A practical hotel bar should be equipped to carry staples like shakers, jiggers, plenty of garnishes, and quality ice. You can get bars that allow you to change panels, graphics, and bar tops if you want to make the most of business opportunities. A lot of companies rent hotel bars and banquets for events! 

Our portable bars are what you need to create a stunning hotel bar. From interchangeable panels, graphics, and bar tops to a waterproof lighting system, we have everything that you can want. Do get in touch with Ultimate Bars! 

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