Bring Your Own Mobile Bar

Portable bars let you host an event wherever you are. Be it a party, a pop-up gathering, or even a convention, these bars are a great convenience. They’re a great space saver and can be customized with event-specific graphics that will perk up any venue they’re placed in. Rent or purchase them, depending on your needs; they’re an excellent investment!

Given their mobility, they can be set up anywhere. This allows event planners to add variety to an event and ensure guests have access to quality services. Some perks of using a portable bar include:

  1. Order Drinks When Required

    Once a portable bar is set up and running, guests or attendees can get drinks as and when they please, without the hassle of waiting around or expecting assistance to be served at the table. Just walk up, place your order, and get on with the occasion with your beverage instantly in your hands!

  2. Customization

    Some companies allow you to add your brand to the setup. A graphic print of your product or service is a great way to market your label. You can even curate the space to your liking to leverage what you’re selling. Creating disruptive spaces leaves a lasting impression and increases brand recall value.

    You can even have the entire bar customized in size, shape, style, and design. This helps you tailor things specifically to your event.

  3. Service

    A portable bar is user-friendly and can be accessed by anyone via self-service. But people who set these bars up often hire service staff. Considering you can pop up multiple mobile bars at an event, the staff is always available to attend to your order. You can direct guests by spreading them out and avoiding pesky long queues and waiting times. Easy access is helpful for those with mobility limitations too.

  4. Stress-Free

    A portable bar comes with the flexibility of hiring your bartender. You can get the best mixologist in town and get them to create drinks exclusively for your occasion. They know what to serve and save valuable time in figuring things out. Plus, they won’t be stingy like your usual pubs and clubs.

    They even help you keep track of how much stock you must avoid embarrassing scenarios when supply runs out. Providing outstanding service is also essential for building brand value at conferences and conventions!

  5. Affordable

    A complete bar at the venue can be pricier than usual once you add all the markups. Many are resorting to bringing their alcohol to events. A portable bar is not only a cost-saving alternative but can even be placed at any location of your choice.

Ultimate Bars is hooking you up with its best mobile bars for sale. The Convention mobile bar is the perfect blend of luxurious and functional features and can be customized to suit your occasion. It comes well equipped with a folding shelf, two ice tubs, a detachable 15-bottle speed rack, and two removable bottom rails for extra storage. Set it up without aid in less than a minute, and you’re ready to roll!

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