Tips For Planning A Killer Open Bar For Your Wedding

Is a wedding celebration really complete without booze? We think not! To keep the tempo high and to keep your guests super-happy on your big day, setting up an open bar is the perfect way to go. 

If you are sold on setting up a completely open bar, it’s very crucial that you plan everything in advance. There are a lot of things that you will have to take into consideration while setting up a portable booze bar. What do you serve to your guests? How much do you serve? These questions can be quite mind-boggling for you. For your convenience, we have some tips to share that will make the entire affair a tad bit easier. Read on: 

  1. Set a budget 

    Since it will be an open bar, the tab is your responsibility. To not go overboard in the alcohol department, decide how much you can afford to spend here. 

    Experts recommend that you should plan your budget taking into account that one guest will have at least one drink per hour. So, if you have a guest list of 100 for a wedding that will last around 4 hours, you must have enough for a minimum of 400 drinks. After that, you can decide what is it that you want to serve, keeping your guest list, and of course, your budget in mind. Don’t forget to count in the mixers!

  2. Who are your guests?

    Do your girlfriends finish a bottle of wine within an hour? Or is your gang made up more of beer lovers? Is your family a bit on the reserved side, slowly sipping on champagne while trying out the appetizers? These are crucial tidbits of information that will guide you on what to get for your portable bar. In such scenarios, you won’t really need a full bar, just a collection of tipples that you know your friends and family love. 

    If you know that they are a sucker for cocktails, don’t think twice. Get enough supplies and a skilled bartender who will keep dishing out signature cocktails for your guests! And yes, you can always have one or three varieties of beer because you can never go wrong with it! 

  3. Time Check 

    The wedding location, theme as well as season – these factors will determine the look of your portable bar and the drinks menu. For instance, you really can’t go wrong with refreshing cocktails such as tequila sunrise or frozen peach sangria if you are going to have a beach wedding. On the other hand, indoor weddings during the chilly winter months and classic full-bodied red wines are a match made in heaven! 

    In addition to this, also take into consideration the fact that people reach out for more booze in the evening. So, if you are planning to tie the knot after the sun goes down, prepare accordingly! 

Signing off 

You know your guests best, especially when it comes to how much booze they can down! So don’t stress a lot and remember to have a good time because it’s your big day after all. If you are looking for aluminum bars for sale, we have got a great collection of them right here, at Portable Bars.

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