Reasons You Must Invest In A Portable Bar

Are you planning a celebration or an event? You can start a party anywhere with pop-up bars. These bars are portable and equipped with everything a bartender requires indoors or outdoors. They are the ideal party option for caterers, event coordinators, rental firms, and other service providers.

Professional and Instant Service

Portable bars are spontaneous and enjoyable. But behind every successful event comes careful planning and attention to details that attendees might not see. The pop-up bar blends spontaneity with expert service for corporate events, weddings, and high-profile gatherings.

It’s a piece of conveniently portable equipment that offers immediate access to amenities bartenders require to execute their job. The service is seamless and at par with a conventional bar.

A Popular Choice

People are constantly looking for the next best exciting and memorable experiences. As a result, pop-up eateries, bars, and events have become increasingly popular, aiming to deliver an unforgettable experience. Caterers and event planners keep up with demands with cost-effective and hassle-free solutions.

Whether a music festival in an open field, a warehouse sale, an on-site corporate event, or a wedding in an obscure location, serving beverages is much easier in a portable bar. The bars are equipped with all the necessary tools like cooler boxes, buckets, light fixtures, and sleek countertops, to name a few.

Perfect Bar Choice For Your Next Occasion

Whatever the nature of the event, Ultimate Bars provides the ease of a complete bar. Our selection of robust, industrial-strength bars is reliable, scratch-resistant, and transportable. Depending on your requirement, here are the best-suited options for you:

The Outdoors

Be it a wedding or a camping trip with friends, an outdoor occasion is fun with our Travel Bar. Made of lightweight and durable aircraft aluminum, this portable bar can be conveniently folded into a compact size and set up in under a minute without any tools. This bar has ice tubs, 15 bottle speed rack, and folding shelves suitable for product placement and storage.

Light-Up Bars

Bars need not look drab. A cool multi-color LED lighting system with a remote or plug-in option will add extra oomph to your event. The Ultimate Bar is meant for you. You can easily place this light-up portable bar in any corner of your event.

Apart from the usual fixings, the bar also includes an umbrella and protective covers for unpredictable weather patterns, custom interchangeable panels in a material of your choosing, and easily switchable graphics for your promotional requirements. You can even add wheels to convert it into a pushcart for beverages, giving convenient access to patrons or guests.

This bar’s modular design allows for endless configurations. Mix and match segments to fit your location or design your unique pop-up bar experience. Install the bar in eateries, pubs, hotels, stadiums, music festivals, and other locations. You could rent or take it to trade shows and catered events.

Sports Events

Americans love a good picnic during game season. Set up outside the arena with our Stadium Bar and have the crowds come to you. With tabletops to place food on, the bar can also be used as a confection stand. Portable, easy to assemble and collapse, 16 bottle speed rack, and ice tubs to keep your meats and drinks at optimal temperatures, it’s time to grill some burgers and root for your favorite teams with chilled beers.

It’s fair to say that portable bars have several advantages and can unquestionably improve your event experience. With so much to look for, you won’t regret making the purchase, we assure you!

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