Portable Bar

Whether you run a hotel, plan events or have your own bartending business, you will benefit from investing in a portable bar. When it comes to planning an event or drawing customers to your business, a bar can work wonders. Not only does it allow your guests to enjoy some refreshing drinks but also plays a role in setting the right tone. Today, many businesses, as well as individuals, are turning to portable bars to improve the guest experience at events and to provide people access to superior-quality facilities, both indoors and outdoors. Ultimate Bars offers a range of premium portable or mobile bars that are made from durable and lightweight aircraft aluminum. Want to reduce crowding at the wedding bar? Add a portable bar as a mobile point of sale. Or if you want to promote a product or service at your next event, use the bar to grab your guests’ attention with customized graphics of your company logo or product/service. Our portable beverage bars are designed to provide sufficient storage and workspace while reducing setup times. They can also be folded down to a fraction of their size for easy transport and storage.

Premium Portable Beverage Bars

Still wondering why you need a portable bar? Let us give you a few reasons why our portable bars for sale are a great choice for you.


The biggest advantage of a portable bar is that it is, well, portable. With heavy-duty double locking casters, they can be easily rolled around, making them an excellent choice for large venues. For instance, if you are a bartender, you can get more people to enjoy your drinks by bringing the bar to them!

Excellent quality

When you buy portable bars, good quality is paramount. And with Ultimate Bars, you can rest assured that you will receive bars that are characterized by superior quality construction. They are lightweight yet durable. They come with a safety handle, which allows you to keep the bar closed during transport and storage. In addition to the interchangeable bar tops, they also come with optional interchangeable panels that are made of plexi, wood, metal, or fabric.


Portable bars are extremely functional and versatile. They can be used for not just serving drinks but also for advertisement, dessert stations, and more. Our portable bars come with popular bar features, including a speed rack, tubs for ice and chilling products, an upper folding shelf, and more. These can come quite handy for large social or public gatherings. Need we say more? If you want to know more about our portable bars, feel free to reach out to us.

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