Planning an Al Fresco Wedding? Few Tips for the Cocktail Hour Blast

Ahh, the splendor of summer weddings! And when it is a summer wedding, going Al Fresco is always on the table. After all, Al Fresco receptions and ceremonies are warm and welcoming. Whimsical lighting, open-air tenting, rustic-chic feasting tables, everything about Al Fresco weddings feel right out of a magazine cover.

The guests look forward to the outdoor cocktail hours, too. Because what is better than sipping refreshing cocktails in the sunshine? Custom bar set-ups, fresh florals, interactive lawn games. Dreamy is the word that comes to mind!! You order the wholesale bar equipment supplies for the best cocktail bar, and we will give you tips for nailing the summer soiree.

Your Bar Needs a Tent

A summer Al Fresco wedding bar set-up for the cocktail hour needs a tent. It is summer; it can get hot. So, it is imperative that you think about shade. The center pole of the tent will be a perfect spot for floral decorations. You get shade. You get décor. Now you have to choose just the right bar. Our Back Bar is a great option.

Have Signature Cocktails on the Menu

A themed cocktail for your special day’s toast. Sounds perfect, right?

It is okay to stick to the traditional Champagne, but be open to adding a personal touch with a customized cocktail feature. A personalized menu will rekindle the memories of your relationship- first date, meeting the parents, the proposal. It will make the cocktail hour even more memorable.

Get Interactive with the Guests

Starting the reception with a fun activity will involve the guests and ensure everyone has a great evening. You can have a creative display for the guests to walk through. Hang their escort cards from an exquisite garden arch!

Lawn games will elevate the experience, but you can step it up with other activities, like wine pairings and curated beer flights.

Be Mindful of the Seating

O.K the cocktail hour design only after ensuring there is an abundance of seating for your guests. Nobody wants their guests jockeying around to relax and be comfortable. You may also have separate lounge areas for the comfort of the guests in between events.

Seasonal Décor is the Way to Go

What décor comes to mind when somebody says summer soirees? We are thinking cool cocktails and cute paper fans. Both will refresh the guests! Ask your wedding planner to incorporate seasonal décor for your outdoor cocktail hour set-up.

Add Some More Coolness

The more ways there are for the guests to beat the summer heat, the better. Get creative with the parasol displays and keep plenty of chilled lavender towels. These small touches will set the mood of the guests and tone for the night to come.

Follow these tips, and a well-spent cocktail hour will start in 1,2,3…

We will deliver a portable bar with custom panels, an LED lighting system, and ample space for the liquor bottles and other wholesale bar equipment supplies that you need. On the D-Day, just give the signal for the booze to be served, and let the fun and frolic begin.

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