It’s Cocktail Hour At a Portable Bar!

A mobile or portable bar is typically a folding setup that serves as a stand-alone bar, making it a fantastic option for outdoor events of any scale and caliber. Cocktails, liqueurs, and other drinks can be served, and there are ways to keep them cold.

These bars have unique bar shelves constructed to protect the bottles and glassware, securing them for transport. You also have the option of adding your logo or other marketing materials.

Through the development of mobile cocktail bars that serve beverages other than beer and wine, Ultimate Bars have fundamentally altered the mobile bar service industry.

The service sector and convenience go hand in hand, providing your clients with practical options for their event needs. We sell portable cocktail bars that can be used to make popular drinks in a temporary setup. With our range of mobile bars, you never have to be concerned about having the correct components and equipment.

Moreover, we wanted to create a portable cocktail bar that keeps supplies well stocked, without the hassles of servers dashing for replenishments during service.

Here are our top recommendations of the most well-liked drinks you can make with our portable bar counters on sale:


A drink in style with the ladies, this simple cocktail gained prominence with the popular sitcom Sex And The City. Over the years, bars across the country have undoubtedly made their fair share of cosmos, ensuring this trendy beverage is here to stay.

Thanks to our portable bar’s practically designed storage possibilities, your vodka, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and lime juice are conveniently accessible at arm’s length.

Even if you make a mess when mixing a delish cosmo on the work surface, our bars are simple to tidy up, with enough space to conceal cleaning supplies.

Old Fashioned

A cocktail whose popularity gained in the wake of another smash hit series, Mad Men. A classic beverage, an old fashioned drink is timeless, smooth, and refreshing at the same time.

Your mobile cocktail bar can accommodate any chosen bourbon or Rye whiskey your customer prefers. Additionally, our product provides fantastic storage choices for items like bitters, sugar cubes, oranges, cherries, and a muddler.

Now that you have a mobile cocktail bar, you can serve this traditional drink with flair and the right components.


A refreshing drink, who doesn’t enjoy a cool mojito during the summer? Our portable cocktail bar can carry all the ingredients required to prepare the perfect mojito, making it ideal for poolside service or outdoor gatherings.

Your guests will receive the ultimate rendition of one of the best summer cocktails because our bins are built to maintain ice-cold temperatures that can keep mint leaves and other garnishes fresh. Plus, they can store generous servings of ice, giving you the pleasure of chilled mojitos on the move!

Gin and Tonic

The gin and tonic is a navy sailor’s delight. This simple drink has found a solid standing amongst the crowd, adding their own unique twists to a classic foundation.

Whether it’s the essential ingredients of gin, tonic, lime, or additional ones like bitters and syrups to please varied taste buds, your mobile cocktail bar will contain everything you need and make a delightful cocktail.

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