Investing In Our Aluminum Bars Is An Absolute Must! Here’s Why

Have you been searching for a portable bar for your business? We know you must have come across a myriad of options in the market. From design and size to construct and material, a lot of choices are to be made! While you may be tempted to opt for something that is on the cheaper side, remember that a portable bar is an investment that has the potential to boost your profits by exceptional margins. As the inventors for this style of bars with over two decades of experience, we offer superior portable bars manufactured from durable aircraft aluminum that cater to all your bartending needs. Let’s find out what makes our aluminum bars for sale such a hit with reputed brands such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Disneyland, Hyatt, Hilton, and even the White House. Read on!

1. Standing the test of time

A key reason to invest in our portable aluminum bars over other metal and wooden alternatives is durability. Crafted from 16-gauge aircraft aluminum, our portable bars are not only on the winning side when it comes to strength but are also lightweight when compared to the steel counterparts. Furthermore, they don’t need to be refurbished or refinished like wooden bars. A bonus, you never have to worry about unwanted stains from spilled drinks, just wipe them clean.

2. Taking the aesthetic game a notch higher

Whether you are purchasing a portable aluminum bar for an event like a business conference or fundraiser or a commercial setting like a hotel, restaurant, or bar, we believe aesthetics is something that is on your mind. Our bars look upscale and chic in any setting. Sleek edges, elegant finishing, waterproof LED lighting system are some value-enhancing features. Our interchangeable bar tops even give you the freedom to create multi-bar configurations. Thinking of an octagon, circular, straight, horseshoe, or a rectangular-style bar set? Anything is possible!

3. True promise of portability

While other brands promise portability, many portable bars tend to be clunky making them actually difficult to transport or move around. Our aluminum bars for sale are truly lightweight. They can be folded to 5-inch width for storage and transportation purposes. That means you can fit two or three of our bars in the same space as one of the other brands.

Wrapping up

At Ultimate Bars, we are proud of our creation. Let go of bulky and not-so-functional bars and invest in our aluminum bars instead. You even get a lifetime guarantee, excluding the general wear and tear.

Go through our aluminum bars for sale collection, and we promise you will immediately want one for your business. After all, it has been created and perfected by the bartenders, for the bartenders!

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