Increasing Midweek Bar Business in 4 Easy Steps

Imagine, it’s a Tuesday and your bar is bustling with a Friday-size crowd! Now that would be a dream come true for a bar owner. Things have been a little slow because of the COVID-19 situation and social distancing is going to be the new normal for quite some time. But restaurants and bars have reopened and people are eager to visit their favorites once again! You may want to jazz up your bar a bit to welcome customers. We can totally help if you are looking for budget-friendly bar equipment suppliers to add glitz and glamor to your bar. Making your bar the hottest hangout spot on the block is not a task if you just implement these 4 strategies! 

Happier hours for healthier business 

A 2-for-1 pitcher special is good but you want things to be great! Mix up your happy hour promotions to stir up more business. While drinks specials have become a norm, bar owners sometimes forget about food. Big mistake! A lot of people seek out bars that offer awesome deals on drinks but remember they are also craving for good food. Serve the best of both worlds; voila your bar will be as lively on a weekday as it is on weekends. 

When it comes to social media, the more, the merrier 

Posting on Facebook regularly is not enough. If you want a jump in your midweek bar business, take your social media game to the next level. Make your presence felt on apps like TapHunter and Untappd. Beer lovers often check in at bars carrying their go-to booze. Wondering how to draw millennials to your bar? Get on Snapchat pronto! If you can, get an influencer to promote your bar on social media platforms. That should give you an amazing reach. 

Know how to upsell 

Getting more people to walk in is one way of increasing business but you should also know how to upsell current guests if you want bigger bar tabs! Bar business pros actually live by this mantra. Giving guests a taste of your top-shelf alcohol for free and vividly describing your cocktails and food menu are two sure shot upselling tips. 

Free wi-fi for midweek afternoons 

Who charges for wi-fi at their bar? In fact, the promise of free and fast wi-fi draws more corporate crowd to your bar. Even slower dayparts and midweek afternoons can see a surge in number of occupied seats at a bar which offers free, speedy wi-fi.  

Now that you know how to become the go-to-spot on the block, even on weeknights, it’s time to invest in premium quality bar equipment. Ultimate Bars-bar equipment suppliers that offer you the best bar experience at affordable rates. Get in touch with us!  

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