How to Draw Attention to Your Bar at Events?

What every bar manager dreams of is his business booming with the high footfall, even on slower weeknights. Chances are you share the common dream and to convert it into reality, just like others; you seek opportunities to draw attention to your bar at events. But getting people to turn their eyes towards your bar is a herculean struggle. To lessen your burden, we shared some tricks that help you to increase your bar business at events.

Convert Your Bar into a Magnet

Bars get overcrowded sometimes, but to attend every client, you don’t have to move away those who are already being served. When increasing the bar business is hovering on your mind, compel customers to stay at your bar. Follow the most famous tradition of adding a big screen with a live sport that is on the same night as the event. A football game, for instance, keeps fans close to catching a glimpse of the match. 

Serve For Free

To achieve something big, you have to pay a little price. Serve free snacks at your bar. Rather than offering it all around the room, keep the service limited to your counter. Customers will make their way back to the bar, giving your bartenders a golden opportunity to approach for another round of drinks. There’s no need to go extravagant. Think of something that your customers can relish in a bite.

Add Some Music
Music at events can be a real winner to draw customers’ attention. Turn the volume up enough for everyone to notice but not too much to disturb the atmosphere. Stick to best selling tracks – better go for the seventies and eighties – that mostly connect customers to their good memories and young generation to recall their childhood stories. 

Change the Ambience
The natural way to draw eyes towards your bar is to elevate the counter’s appeal. Instead of adding fairy lights, consider adding LEDs to the bar that entirely changes the mood. To increase the bar business, think of a friendly barkeeper, either male or female, who could start a conversation to make others comfortable while ordering drinks. 

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