How To Deep Clean Your Portable Convention Bar

Preparing for catering the next event? Nothing is worse than taking a portable convention bar out of storage only to discover that it was not thoroughly cleaned the last time it was used. You don’t want to add cleaning each surface to your set-up list, whether it’s a sticky bar top or unclean work surfaces. Cleaning it after each usage saves you time and stress while setting it up. Here are some pointers on how to thoroughly clean a portable bar so that it is ready for use again.

All Surfaces Should Be Cleaned

After each event and before storing the portable bar, make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned with soapy water or disinfectant spray and then dried. This comprises the bar’s top, work surfaces where beverages are prepared, and shelving for bottles and glasses.

Clean The Soda Gun

No one wants to touch a soda gun that has drink residue on the handle, so make sure it is fully cleaned after use before being stored. This will need removing the nozzle and washing it separately, as well as cleaning around the buttons and dispenser with a toothbrush and soapy water. To keep the gun clean when not in use, carefully wrap it in cling film for a protective layer—but not so tightly that some of the buttons spew the fizzy drinks you just wiped off the gun.

Remove Trash And Clean Out The Bottle Bins

You don’t want to leave your portable bar’s designated bins to fester after an occasion. Bacteria will accumulate over time and cause a terrible odour in your otherwise spotless bar. After you’ve emptied the bins, add some soap and hot water and give it a good swill. Before storing it, give it a good wipe down and a good rinse.

Clean Up The Bottles

Whether your bottles are being stored for the next event or transferred to another bar for future usage, they should not leave the bar unclean or sticky. A thorough cleaning with soapy water and a lint-free cloth will restore the bottles’ luster and make them presentable for customers.

Sanitise All Parts Of The Glass Wash

The glass wash is generally one of the dirtier elements of a bar because it is used throughout the event to keep up with the demand for beverages. The glass wash removes everything from drink residues to fluff and dirt. It is critical to sterilize this at the end of each event so that bacteria do not accumulate and it can efficiently clean glasses again. Remove and clean each component of the machine, including the top and bottom arms. Before putting everything back together, clean the inside of the machine and the door.

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