Here is Your Guide to Prepare for Spreading Some Holiday Cheer in 2020

We all love Santa’s season and wait patiently the entire year for some holiday cheer. Well, 2020 has been tough for all of us on so many levels. This year’s Christmas will be extra special. Everyone will toast to good health and wish for good riddance from the pandemic pandemonium. Mobile bartenders and restaurant owners are definitely looking forward to having guests raise holiday glasses. To ensure you stand out and make the most of seasonal sales, you need to keep a couple of festive marketing strategies in mind, including sprucing up your portable bar tables.

Start with some pre-holiday cheer

Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to re-engage with your customers via a fun email campaign. Everyone checks emails almost on a daily basis. Craft a marketing campaign especially designed for the season. It should highlight your seasonal promotions and the menu. Try and customize emails for your customers. You may send special loyalty discounts to those whom you have served before. With lucrative price quotes, add a sprinkle of holiday cheer.

Use social media platforms

COVID-19 has kept people indoors, away from restaurants and bars. While places have started re-opening, some of your regulars may not show up for a while. Keep them informed and engaged through social media. Share your drink menu and pictures of your decked-up bar. You may also share fun, useful content like easy cocktail recipes to try at home.

Get creative with your drinks’ menu

Offering seasonal products is one of the best ways of spreading love and joy during the holidays. A festive drink menu is surely befitting here. You may also create signature beverages with meaningful names inspired by the season. Classic holiday drinks like spiced eggnog or hot toddy will also keep customers coming to your bar.

Deck the bar

Holiday traditions are an easy way of keeping customers coming back. One such tradition is to deck the bar and the bartender. Sure, everyone lights up the hall, works on their window décor and table settings, but why forget the portable bar tables and panels? Add seasonal décor to your mobile bar, customize panels and bar tops.

If you purchase your mobile bar from Ultimate Bars, decorating will be easy. We offer interchangeable panels and portable bar tables, customized graphics, LED lighting system and more.

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