Every Hour Is Happy Hour with These 5 Home Bar Essentials

For someone who loves to entertain, a properly stocked bar is an absolute must. The perfectly-mixed drink can easily delight a friend, flatter a date and even impress a boss. While starting a home bar can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be so. With just a few essentials, barring your liquors and spirits, you can put together a decent setup without spending hundreds of dollars. Here’s what you need:

1. Rocks glass
If you like to muddle different ingredients in your serving glass, rocks glasses are perfect for that. They are also the standard glasses for drinks served over ice cubes. In terms of size, 6 to 8 fl. oz is the norm. Anything higher would mean that you are drinking more than one cocktail.

2.Ice-making equipment
If you have a bar, you need to have ice. You will use ice in probably 98% of the drinks that you make, whether while mixing or serving. This is why you also need to have ice trays or ice ball molds. If you like it a little classier, an ice bucket is a great choice.

3. Bar spoon
While a bar spoon has multiple uses, its primary use is to stir drinks. It can also be used to pour small amounts of liqueurs and syrups into your mixes. The standard length of a bar spoon is 30 centimeters. Anything shorter or longer will simply be an inconvenience.

4. Fine mesh strainer
You may not need to use it often, but a fine mesh strainer is important. It can be that thin line between a smooth, clean drink and one filled with ingredient debris such as egg shells. You can filter out all the debris by holding the strainer over the serving glass and pouring the drink through it.

5. Muddler
A muddler is used to crush or muddle ingredients such as fruit shards and mint leaves. However, do not buy anything that is coated with paint or varnish, because that will transfer to your drinks. And you wouldn’t want to poison your guests, would you?

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