3 Fun And Creative Wedding Reception Bar Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Did you know that an open bar is one of the biggest reasons why some people choose to attend weddings? Well, it is no secret that the bar, open or not, is the most popular spot at any wedding reception. This the place where the guests gather after the celebratory toasts, not just to taste your drinks menu but also to indulge in conversations and maybe even take part in a gossip or two. So, why not turn your bar into an area that your guests will remember for a long time? Here are some fun and creative ideas to help you do that:

  • Transform your bar into a statement piece

If your wedding venue decor is more on the simple and sophisticated side, having a focal point can make all the difference. With the right floor plan and bar designs, you can transform your bar into the focal point. Strategize the design of your reception space so that it centers on the bar setup. This is a great way to not just make the bar accessible to everyone but also to use it as a statement piece to enhance the decor.

  • Incorporate the wedding theme and decor

Unless you want your light-up drinks bar to stick out like a sore thumb in your bohemian wedding theme, you might want to incorporate some decor into your happy hour. Whether it is decorating it with flowers or greenery or adding any smaller detail – it depends on your taste – it is a great way to amp up the fun and design factor during cocktail time.

  • How about a double-sided bar?

No one likes having to crowd at the bar just to get one drink. So, creating a bar area where people can be served on both sides allows your bartenders to be more efficient and quicker in putting out the drinks. And not to mention, the elegance of a double-sided bar is definitely unmatched. 

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Increasing Midweek Bar Business in 4 Easy Steps

Imagine, it’s a Tuesday and your bar is bustling with a Friday-size crowd! Now that would be a dream come true for a bar owner. Things have been a little slow because of the COVID-19 situation and social distancing is going to be the new normal for quite some time. But restaurants and bars have reopened and people are eager to visit their favorites once again! You may want to jazz up your bar a bit to welcome customers. We can totally help if you are looking for budget-friendly bar equipment suppliers to add glitz and glamor to your bar. Making your bar the hottest hangout spot on the block is not a task if you just implement these 4 strategies! 

Here is Your Guide to Prepare for Spreading Some Holiday Cheer in 2020

We all love Santa’s season and wait patiently the entire year for some holiday cheer. Well, 2020 has been tough for all of us on so many levels. This year’s Christmas will be extra special. Everyone will toast to good health and wish for good riddance from the pandemic pandemonium. Mobile bartenders and restaurant owners are definitely looking forward to having guests raise holiday glasses. To ensure you stand out and make the most of seasonal sales, you need to keep a couple of festive marketing strategies in mind, including sprucing up your portable bar tables.

5 Ways To Boost Your Mobile Bar Business Amid The Pandemic

Even though businesses around the world are slowly opening up again, the bar and restaurant industry continues to bear the brunt of the COVID-19 outbreak. It seems that the only way forward is to adjust to the ‘new normal’ and explore new avenues to conduct business as huge gatherings are prohibited.

For mobile bar owners, the best way forward would be to perfect new cocktails during this lean season, look for new partnerships, and prepare for the post-COVID-19 era, so that they are ready the wild party scene by storm!

4 Safety Tips to Reopen Bars Post COVID-19 Shutdown

With the coronavirus pandemic upending life all around the world, restaurants and bars have been some of the worst-hit businesses. In most places, in-person dining and drinking had been completely discontinued. While restaurants compensated by offering delivery and takeout, bars found themselves at a disadvantage. But now, with shutdowns being lifted and restrictions being relaxed, bars around the country are gradually opening up, albeit with a few changes in place. If you are a bar owner, here’s how you can prepare to reopen in a post-pandemic world:

The Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Bars For Bar Owners

Pop-up bars were once considered unconventional, and even a bit hippy. But now, they seem to have found a place everywhere! From restaurants, bars, trade shows, stadiums, conventions, malls, weddings, to house parties, the trend of having funky and themed pop-up bars is catching on and how!

And why not? These can be set up near retail venues to attract passers-by with a tipple. Moreover, since people throng to bars at events anyway, a portable bar with interchangeable panels is the best way to promote a company’s brand or product. That is precisely why event managers and bartenders, especially freelancers, should be interested in portable bar tables for sale.

Best Practices Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: Keep Portable Bar Clean At Events

Amidst the fear and spread of COVID-19, event organizers are having a tough time deciding whether or not to host events. Clearly, the decision is not easy to make. Given the information on how contagious the virus is and how it is transmitted, most event organizers are taking preventive measures.

Whether it’s a trade show, a conference, or a casual celebration with a limited number of attendees or guests, a booze corner is a crowd-puller. Portable liquor bars not only attract crowds to their directions but also give you opportunities to display bar essentials and even promote your name. That said, you have to follow safety precautions – like keep the counter clean and sanitized.

A Guide to the Perfect Home Bar for Stay at Home Summers

Who would have ever imagined a summer without afterwork drinks and attending a few of those balmy festivals? But, alas, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our worst nightmares into reality. Instead of being grumpy about it, we thought of ways to bring the chilled out bar scene right to your home. Start with a stunning home bar display. We have got the most beautiful portable bar tables for sale which will perfectly fit the bill here!

4 Amazing Ways to Use Your Portable Bars

Portable bars not only sound quite appealing but have become a big hit as well given the associated convenience and charm. A great way to get the party started and keep it going indeed. It is not just big brands but also startups and small business owners who are investing in these amazing state-of-the-art bars. And why should they not? Light up portable bars are capable of taking any event from drab to fab in an instant