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Add a Portable Aluminum Bar at an Event

Presentation and execution are the key components of successful events. Whether it’s a wedding reception or a business celebration, planners and caterers pay close attention to minute details that guarantee every event is elegantly presented and goes off without a hitch.

Often, the bar isn’t given much thought. Most believe including a counter with a well-stocked beverage range is all that’s required. But there’s so much more to planning the perfect bar stop for events. Space, ease of access and setup, crowd control, and frequency of service are the many parameters one needs to consider when placing a bar.

If the gathering is large, installing portable bars instead of a singular banquet bar is a practical solution. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when choosing a portable bar at your next event:

Type of Mobile Bar

Mobile or portable bars come in a variety of concepts. Opt for an aluminum bar for sale from Ultimate Bars. You can choose between simple cubes for placing mini beverage counters across the venue or an elaborate front bar with all the fixings stationed in a corner. Both are professional bars but differ in functionality.

You can opt to place a combination of both types peppered across the event, giving guests access to their favorite beverage throughout the occasion.

Make it Pop

A plain metallic bar isn’t the most attractive component at a well-designed event. Make sure the bar visually matches the event design, regardless of the type you select.

One way to achieve this is to hang drapes or cover the bar with a matching tablecloth. If your portable bar has LED lights, use them to cast a warm glow that attracts people and enhances the atmosphere.

Serve Beverages Conveniently

Alcoholic or otherwise, the whole point of a bar is to offer drinks. An excellent portable bar is one that not only carts drinks but also makes nifty cocktails and serves them fresh, either at the counter or at your table.

Ultimate Bars Back and Front Bars have enough storage to stock different liquors, mixers, garnishes, and ice. They even have large interchangeable tubs for chilling any product, removable bottom rails for additional storage, and heavy-duty locking casters that make it easy to store and cart drinks securely.

Easy Setup and Transport

Another crucial consideration is the portability of the bar setup, particularly if you have a tight schedule for the event. Purchasing mobile lightweight aluminum bars on wheels is worthwhile. This will save time and money because continuously building up and taking down heavy bar settings will cost workers, adding to the overall budget.

A portable folding bar will also enable you to relocate the bar in the middle of an event if necessary. For instance, if you suddenly need the extra room or decide to reposition the bar so that it is closer to the guests, the movement of a collapsible bar is simple and fuss-free.

Buy The Best Aluminum Bars on Sale!

When it comes to hosting events, it’s critical to understand where your money is going and where you can save it. Finding cost-effective solutions without sacrificing your guests’ needs and comfort might be challenging. But with Ultimate Bars’ light and premium-made aluminum bars, we maximize the impact of your event without draining your bank account. Get yours today!

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