A Guide to the Perfect Home Bar for Stay at Home Summers

Who would have ever imagined a summer without afterwork drinks and attending a few of those balmy festivals? But, alas, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our worst nightmares into reality. Instead of being grumpy about it, we thought of ways to bring the chilled out bar scene right to your home. Start with a stunning home bar display. We have got the most beautiful portable bar tables for sale which will perfectly fit the bill here!

If you think about it, creating your very own home bar is actually something quite special. It is obviously much more than stashing your half-drunk ancient spirit collection. Just think about the vibe you miss the most and get ready to experiment and have some fun. A little brainstorming about elements like lighting and style will give you a die for centrepiece that will set the right mood for an intimate home event!

Here is everything you need to know to create an awesome home bar:

1. Think about the backdrop– The first thing you do is to consider the kind of vibe you want your bar to exude. Backdrop is an important factor that will come to play here. Location is of utmost importance if you want your bar to stand out. It adds that wow factor without much effort. With a portable system, you even get to change the backdrop whenever you wish. Our portable bar table for sale will come in handy!  

2. Presentation matters– Styling your bar is the next step and attention to detail is required. The way you choose to dress your bar is what makes it look spectacular. Let loose your creativity. Think neon signs, fairy lights, quaint floor lamps, and more. Put on some good music on a classic record player and you are done! Use herbs like rosemary from your garden to decorate your drinks.

3. Up your cocktail game– Well, there is nothing stopping you from pouring some whiskey on the rocks and enjoy the stylish home bar you have but why let go of the fun of experimenting with your cocktails? You will find loads of impressive yet easy to make recipes on the internet, espresso martini and the homijto to name a couple.
Now that you are ready to set a home bar for yourself, check out our portable bar tables for sale. At Ultimate Bars, you only get the best. 

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