4 Smart Ideas To Design The Perfect Mobile Bar

How would you want your portable mobile bar to look? What features would you incorporate to create a perfect beverage bar? If you’re struggling to find answers, we have smartly listed some ideas for you to design a convenient, portable, and highly efficient bar.

Quality material and construction

When it comes to designing a custom mobile bar, quality material and high-grade construction should be your foremost priority. A bar constructed with aircraft aluminum and covered with attractive acrylic panels offers you durability and looks aesthetically pleasing at any space.

Quick Setup and Packing

What’s the key requirement for anyone who’s looking for a mobile bar for events? Portability, of course. After material and construction, what you must not overlook is how quickly you can pack and unpack your bar. An efficient mobile bar doesn’t need more than one person to set up the bar and that too, within a few minutes. Besides, it must allow a depth of about 14” for easy storage when packed.

Convenience to bartender

When the plan is to serve hundreds of guests, the bar should allow the bartender to move quickly and freely to serve drinks. While customizing the bar ensure that it could store a multitude of liquor bottles within an arm’s reach. After all, you wouldn’t your guests waiting up in a long queue for their drinks.

Versatile design

Besides portability, durability, and functionality, what’s the key component you must consider when customizing a portable mobile bar? The design! The aesthetics of a beverage bar is extremely important, and especially when you’re planning to use it in events. To match the needs of every occasion and event, think of changing the look with interchangeable graphics and bar tops, or you can go for a permanent appearance.

At Ultimate Bars, you’re introduced to a wide selection of portable mobile bar with an assortment of accessories like custom graphics, interchangeable panels, and drop-in ice tubs.

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