4 Safety Tips to Reopen Bars Post COVID-19 Shutdown

With the coronavirus pandemic upending life all around the world, restaurants and bars have been some of the worst-hit businesses. In most places, in-person dining and drinking had been completely discontinued. While restaurants compensated by offering delivery and takeout, bars found themselves at a disadvantage. But now, with shutdowns being lifted and restrictions being relaxed, bars around the country are gradually opening up, albeit with a few changes in place. If you are a bar owner, here’s how you can prepare to reopen in a post-pandemic world:

  • Business as usual? Not really

After reopening, you can surely carry on with your usual business practices, but you must also be willing to adopt a few crucial changes to keep your employees and patrons safe. This includes minimizing touch points between your employees and customers, avoiding cash transactions, mandating face masks for all, modifying your staff training program, and so on.

  • Ensure social distancing

The best way to ensure social distancing inside a bar is to restrict the number of customers at a given time, and rearrange your sitting to maintain at least 6 feet distance between them. You can also avoid crowding at the bar by getting a few portable bars to serve your customers more efficiently.

  • Pay extra attention to cleaning and sanitizing

This is undoubtedly the most important thing that you must do to keep your bar running safely once it reopens after the shutdown. Create a daily cleaning and disinfection schedule. High-contact surfaces such as the bar top must be thoroughly cleaned after every few minutes. Make sure you use high-quality cleaning supplies. Also, increase the order of these supplies because now you will be using them more frequently.

  • Take care of your employees

At any given time, restrict the number of employees in the kitchen or break room. Keep a check on their health as well as their personal hygiene practices. Make sure that there are adequate number of PPE kits, including masks and gloves, for everyone. You must also prepare yourself to deal with a higher level of absenteeism, as well as be willing to give them days off when they feel unwell.

While the present scenario is surely daunting, things will slowly start going back to normal, and you want to be prepared for that. Elevate your bar experience with portable bars that are designed for style, convenience and functionality. Find premium-quality aluminum bars for sale only at Ultimate Bars!

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