4 Popular Cocktails that is sure To Be a Hit at Your Bar

Most people walk into a bar, go up to the bartender and draw a blank. They don’t know what to order. With so many options to choose from, customers can often feel intimidated or confused. This is when the bartender’s experience and expertise comes into play. There are a lot of amazing drinks out there and no reason not to try them – and that is exactly what a bartender needs to sell to his or her customers.

Here are some of the most popular cocktails that you can offer your customers that will surely be a hit:

1. Gimlet

Gimlet is the classier cousin of gin and tonic. While it was always considered an old people’s favorite, now it is starting to become trendy among the youth. Made from one part sweetened lime juice and four parts gin, gimlet is slightly on the sweeter side, but it sure packs a punch.

2. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is one of those drinks that put vodka on the spirits map of the United States. If your customer asks for a vodka soda, offer them a Moscow mule instead. Trust us; they will love you for it. After all, what’s not to love about a refreshing drink served in a copper cup?

3. Negroni

Everybody loves a good negroni in summer. Made with one part gin, one part vermouth rosso and one part campari, this sweet and refreshing drink is the epitome of summer drinking.

4. Sidecar

For customers that ask for a hard drink, sidecar is the perfect option. An iconic 50’s cocktail, sidecar has a slightly smoky flavor from the whiskey and cognac that are both fermented in a barrell.

If you are a bar owner, these are some cocktails that you should definitely have on your menu.

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