4 Easy Maintenance Tips For a Stadium Portable Bar

Business owners looking to promote their brands in various conventions and trade shows have to make sure that the equipment they use is always in proper working condition. If you just recently bought a portable bar or are thinking of getting a stadium bar service in California for brand promotion, you must know that it’s not going to look as beautiful forever if you don’t work on its upkeep. Here are some tips you should follow for proper maintenance of your bar.

  • Protective Covers

Protect your investment with our portable bar covers. Each set includes either 2 or 3 covers depending on the model chosen. They are made of a heavy duty waterproof canvas material. Selecting the appropriate bags to cover up your equipment, will help prolong the life of your assets for travel or storage.

  • Cleaning

After every usage, it’s important to clean the exterior of the bar with a soft, dry cloth, if there hasn’t been any spillage. This will keep the exterior looking clean and tidy for a long time. If you’re planning a deep clean, wipe it with solution of mild soap and water and then later use a moist cloth to wipe away the dirt and grease. Leave it to dry naturally.

  • Avoid Spillage

While it looks tempting to present open bottles of liquor on the bar top, it is a big NO if you want to maintain its shine. No matter how careful you are around your bar, you cannot prevent accidental knocking over of a bottle on the table top. So keep it tidy by making sure that all bottles are sealed or capped.

  • Maintaining the life of your wheels

With so much travel from location to location is important to maintain the care of your portable bar casters. Like any moving object, over time things can begin to loosen up. It’s important to check them about every 6 months, depending on usage and give the wheels a nice tightening. Also when moving the bars, make sure the casters are in its unlocked position and then locked again at its final destination.

In case you’re looking for a stadium bar service in California to fit all your needs, we’re here for you. Our stadium bars are most suited for large events and can be folded down to mere 4″ wide for easy transport and storage. Not only does it require only a minute to set up, but it also requires no additional tools. Check it out today!


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