3 Trade Show Booth Ideas Guaranteed To Bring The House Down!

Attracting people to your booth can be quite a task, especially when there are a hundred others by your side trying to beat you at it. But with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can turn out to be quite the crowd-puller!

Even if you are selling something completely different than what your trade show neighbor is promoting, still, the competition can be fierce. At the end of the day, it all boils down to which booth looks attractive enough to make visitors stop in their tracks.

So, what can you do to transform a drab 10 ft x 10 ft exhibit space into an attractive and unique money-making machine? Well, here are some ideas that can help you out:

1) Engage with a game
Who doesn’t love a game after walking for hours and interacting with so many people? Invite passers-by for a simple trivia game, a contest, or if you have the budget, an extravagant casino-style game of roulette. Consider tying the game up with your brand in an entertaining manner so that the players know what you do when they play and have fun at the same time.

2) Bright colors and lighting
The colors you use at your booth will affect the way the visitors perceive your brand. In addition to this, it plays a huge role in pulling the crowd to your stop at trade shows. So make sure that you use bright colors and stunning visuals and complement the same with glitzy lighting.

3) Food and drinks
No one is going to say no to free food! Offer finger foods to visitors or even a bottle of water. Your hospitality will make them want to check out your brand.

Or, how about offering beer or wine to passers-by? Visitors with tired feet will highly appreciate your offering and you will end up earning a lot of brownie points.

Put your offerings on display by roping in portable travel bars that are attractive and user-friendly at the same time. Even if the trade show doesn’t permit you to offer alcoholic beverages, you can put up a travel bar and offer mocktails to the visitors. Just having a visually appealing bar-like display will make your booth look 100x times more attractive.

Want portable travel bars to pull in the crowd at trade shows? Then get in touch with Ultimate Bars. We will ensure that you grab eyeballs with the help of our mobile and uber-modern pop-up displays.

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