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3 Tips To Help You Set Up The Perfect Mobile Bar For Your Event

Owning a portable bar can benefit you in several ways. You can avoid hiring bartending services during occasions, helping you save on them. With a portable bar, you can earn from it and serve drinks in different places and events, from weddings to birthday parties, corporate gatherings, etc.

We at Ultimate Bars offer different designs of portable bars. Our equipment pieces are attractive and lightweight, making it much more convenient to transport them from one place to another. They are easy to install, allowing you to set them up quickly, no matter where you serve. Our portable bars are also made using durable material, helping you get the most out of them for as long as possible. Explore our mobile bar options if you’re looking for a mobile bar in California.

The following also discusses tips on how to set up the perfect mobile bar for an event. Read on:

Choose the best portable bar.

Choosing the best mobile bar is the first step to setting up the perfect mobile bar. The best bar also offers several benefits that can enhance your experience when serving drinks to customers or guests. Look for a mobile bar that is straightforward or quick to install, preventing you from any chaos that could arise if you are late. Pay attention to the size of the mobile bar- you can do this by determining the number of people and the quantity and type of drinks you wish to offer. It is also advisable to look for a bar that looks appealing, enabling you to attract as many people as possible.

Incorporate mobile bar accessories that can enhance your mobile bar set-up.

Mobile bar accessories, such as interchangeable panels, graphics, and bar tops, are an excellent way to enhance your entire mobile bar set-up.

At Ultimate Bars, we offer skeleton bar frames that allow your bar to achieve different bar looks by changing out the panels. You can also choose from an array of choices of our custom panels, including wood, metal, or fabric finishes, and more, ensuring your mobile bar never goes out of style.

Our interchangeable panels allow you to customize your bar by changing its panels when a new client, promotion, product, or event arises.

We also offer different interchangeable bar tops. Whether you aim for a portable bar set up as a rectangle, octagon, circular, serpentine, horseshoe, or straight-style bar set, we have what you need.

Install beautiful LED lighting systems.

LED lighting systems are a great way to enhance a mobile bar setup. Opt for our waterproof RGBW LEDs. They offer all the colors of the rainbow and true white. Every controller is separated into two controls, RGB and White. You can also turn them on and off independently with their brightness settings, which allow additional colors. Each lighted bar also needs its own lighting system covering all four walls.

Consider these few tips to help you set up the perfect mobile bar for your next event. Explore our mobile bar options if you’re looking for a mobile bar in California.

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